What is Proactive Health Chiropractic all about?

Take a look inside the workings of Proactive Health

How did the business come about?

What makes Proactive Health Chiropractic unique?

Hello! This is Dr. Sam Nelson giving you an inside look at how Proactive Health Chiropractic in Plainview, MN came about. We have been operating for the past seven years and are now open in Plainview. It has been quite the journey for Proactive health as this will be the second time we have built it from the ground up. Only difference is having grown up in Plainview we have already been shown an overwhelming amount of support. Our focus inside the office is to always take care of the patient who is on the table. We are not looking to get you to come back into the office as much as we possibly can, but rather looking to get you to the point where you do not need us. Now if you were to ever be injured or have something wrong we welcome you back anytime, but not forced in by any means. Just know that you are going to get my best effort each and every time you come in.

Why is Proactive Health Chiropractic unique?

We go through the entire body on each visit to make sure your total biomechanical function is operating as best as it can. This is done through a barrage of muscle testing that lay out like a map what needs to be corrected by Dr. Sam. The adjustments are as specific as possible with the latest adjusting techniques. This is what makes Proactive Health Chiropractic unique. Our treatment plan is tailored to each patient as it is hard to fathom different people in different lifestyles needing the identical course of care.

Please reach out with any questions we can answer!

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