Our Journey back home

Life generally comes full circle and that is most definitely what happened with me. Dr. Nelson was born and raised in Plainview, Minnesota where he graduated high school in 2005. He went on to play football at Wartburg College then transferred to RCTC and walked on the baseball team. His major at the time was pre-med biology. From there is where the journey began.

Dr. Sam, his wife and oldest son made the move to Minneapolis to start Chiropractic school at Northwestern Health Sciences in Bloomington, MN. This is where the passion for helping people with their health and wellness started. I always knew I wanted to be in healthcare, just didn't know which avenue to take. After spending the latter half of Chiropractic school interning in different clinics that joy was lost. What I saw in the clinics seemed more like a sales pitch than actually helping patients through chiropractic. One of my professors talked me into looking at clinics further out that the metro area.

I found a Northwestern graduate who was in practice in Hayden, Idaho. When I spoke with Dr. Rich May for the first time he talked about how he his goal is to restore full biomechanical function to every patient, every time. At the moment I had no clue what he was talking about other than it sounded much different that the protocols and practices that I had been integrated to. Dr. Sam, his wife and now son and daughter moved to the Spokane, Washington area where I did my final internship with Dr. May. He showed me a much better side of Chiropractic and helped open many doors for me.

A couple weeks into my internship, Dr. May asked if I would like to go to the NFL combine for a ProSport Chiropractic seminar. How could I say no? Once we arrived he introduced me to Dr. Dan McClure. Little did I know this meeting would change the course of my career. Dr. McClure invited me down to southern Colorado to train with him about a month after I graduated Chiropractic school. A couple weeks after my trip to Colorado, I opened up Proactive Health Chiropractic in Washington state.

My time in Washington awarded me a lot of personal and professional growth. This growth allowed me to continue to pursue more out of chiropractic and myself. This led me to working with many different demographics and injuries. I have treated patients of all ages and abilities with great success. I worked with athletes of all ages and levels from pop warner to Olympians. I was given an opportunity in 2020 to travel to Colorado Springs and do a sports medicine rotation at the Olympic and Paralympic Training Center. This trip was about to change my practice and then COVID hit and shut down my rotation and the Olympics. After about fourteen months it opened back up and I was on the first rotation coming out of COVID.

How it works when it is not a pandemic is multiple sports will train there at camps, but due to the pandemic there was only one camp per week. My first assignment was with Team USA Men's Gymnastics which was incredible to watch. I was the sideline medic for their practices as they headed out to team trials for the Tokyo games. I unfortunately was the sideline medic when a very prestigious gymnast tore his ACL. It was a reality check that even though these guys were in incredible shape, things happen. It was hard to watch him the next couple days know he would not be competing to go to Tokyo. After gymnastics is where the fun began.

The next camp in for me was women's wrestling. These ladies are no joke! After working on one of the wrestlers and giving her relief in her surgically repaired knee as well as getting her fingers to bend all the way giving her a full grip, she started to refer the other wrestlers over to the treatment table. Turns out they liked my style of adjusting. I went home knowing that I did everything I could to make and impression not only with the athletes but with the rest of the full time trainers, therapists, and doctors on staff.

A couple weeks went by after the Tokyo games and the head athletic trainer for USA Wrestling reached out and asked if I would like to travel with the senior national teams to the 2021 World Championships in Oslo, Norway. How could you say no? I didn't! I went with Team USA to Norway and worked with all three Olympic styles for just under a month. They have invited me back to travel with them in 2022. I am so thankful for the opportunity and for Team USA to welcome me with open arms.

During all of this professional growth we had a family emergency back in Minnesota. This accident drew us closer to family and wanted our kids to grow up nearer family. It was very tough to leave our home we had made as well as the practice that we had built. Family is much more important than any of that stuff especially with our growing family. We decided to move back to Plainview as it was where friends and family are.

I decided to open up a practice here in town so that I can have the access to my family as well as serve the communities healthcare needs. It all comes full circle!

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