Do you breathe correctly?


The very first thing that humans do as we come into this world. We come out of the womb and we take a huge breathe in so that we can let out our first scream to let everyone know that we survived the trip. It is also the last thing we do when we pass is let out one final breath. So do you know if you are breathing correctly?

Let me ask you this, what determines a long life? is it eating healthy, exercise, medications (j/k!)? How come someone who has a healthy diet could die young of disease, and someone who makes poor diet decision live to 100? How can the bartender who never smoked a cigarette in her life dies of lung cancer in her mid 30's and then people who live like Johnny Cash who smoke a pack a day and live late in life? Does having high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc cause you to have a shorter life?

Yes, clearly you would want to have healthy levels of everything in your body. BUT having those medical issues does NOT determine how long you will live. Logically, if it were to be true for one person it has to be probable for everyone else. That is simply just not true as per the examples given up top. Here is a very simple, but true, statement. People who breathe better, breathe longer. Period.

What we do at Proactive Health Chiropractic is regulate the breathing through our spinal adjustments, sending input to the brain that the body is breathing as efficiently as it can. This frees up energy that your brain is spending on trying to regulate breathing so that it can focus on other processes going on in the body. A lot of the process are very important and need to be addressed by the body but cannot as it only has a limited supply of usable ATP, energy, a day. Your body may be SCREAMING at you on the inside but your brain will not hear it because breathing is more important to survival in the hear and now.

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