Two years in Liberty Lake!

Today officially marks the date that Proactive Health Chiropractic secured its location in beautiful Liberty Lake, WA. The sense of one and community in Liberty lake has not only welcomed us with open arms and trust, but we have been able to expand out client area base from Sprague to Kellogg, from Colbert to Rockford, and everywhere in between. People have really found the value Dr. Nelson's training and technique and do not care about the distance to drive to come and get treated. This is a huge testament to the care patients receive at Proactive Health Chiropractic as the majority of people will drive by 3, 5, 10, 50 other chiropractors on their way to see us.

In our office we take pride on not requesting unnecessary office visits or treatment plans and our care is ALWAYS focused on the most important thing, YOU! We strive on getting results each visit by restoring the body's bio-mechanical efficiency. It is the coolest feeling in the world when your body starts to function how it should. It takes so much stress off the body and allows you to live your life, pain-free.

We have been so grateful for all of our patients as the majority of our new patients each month is all based on referrals. This is the biggest compliment we can get as that means you were so satisfied with care that you refer in your friends and family so that they too can feel great! Proactive Health Chiropractic offers a fantastic referral rewards program that allows you to save money of care just by sending someone in to the office to get better. How cool is that!

We look forward to many, many more years serving the great community of Liberty Lake as well as the rest of eastern Washington and northern Idaho. Please never hesitate to call our office at 509-922-4133 or visit our website at

Thank you again Liberty Lake for making Proactive Health Chiropractic a go to place for health and wellness!

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