The science behind Chiropractic and Pediatric care

As a father, physician, and someone who loves and enjoys taking care of children I often get asked why children would need chiropractic care. Having seen chiropractic impact my own children's lives and as a chiropractor I am a firm believer that every chiropractor should be taking care of children and do it well.

The National Health Interview survey in 2007 found that more than 18 million adults and 2 million children see a chiropractor annually. An alternative study performed in 2010 using 548 chiropractors, found that the average percentage of children seen in their practice was 21%. That is a big chunk of our population who utilize chiropractic care for their children. Could you imagine the impact we could make on these kids' lives?

The most common conditions treated by chiropractors for pediatric patients are back and neck pain, head or chest colds, anxiety or stress, other musculoskeletal problems, and ADD/ADHD. Another study done by the Journal of Alternative and complimentary Medicine shows some of the most common conditions found by chiropractors in practice for pediatric patients to be wellness care, ear, nose and throat conditions, digestive issues, musculoskelatal problems, headaches, immune enhancement, asthma, scoliosis, injuries, allergies, postural improvement, and post birth check up. Many chiropractors want to be known as wellness chiropractors, but think of how drug free improvements to these children's conditions could change the world!

Benefits can be seen for asthma, cervicogenic vertigo, infantile colic, and otitis media. A review of the literature involving gastrointestinal complaints showed that out of 21 articles in peer reviewed journals the majority showed improvement in GI disorders. As study involving 36 patients involving 6 to 17 year old patients with mild to moderate asthma showed that half the participants received 20 chiropractic treatments over 12 weeks and half received chiropractic treatment with medical management for their asthma had higher quality of life ratings and their asthma severity was much lower. A properly delivered chiropractic adjustment could change a child's life.

Most often the parent's biggest concern is the safety of chiropractic care in children. With the adjustments delivered to a child is significantly less than that of an adult.

Overall, there is a very low incident of adverse events found in a pediatric chiropractic practice, in fact it is about .53-1% per 1.310 office visits. When this is compared to the approximately 70,000 children who are hospitalized each year in the US due to adverse drug reactions. 60% of which are preventable, it becomes very clear that we need to look at alternatives to medication to help our children. Research overwhelmingly indicates that chiropractic care is a wonderful choice with very little risk of side effects for a multitude of conditions. For many conditions chiropractic should be a leading choice before other treatments.

If you know any expecting or new mother's please share this with them or direct them to our website to learn more about our office and what services we offer.

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