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Great Things Ahead!

The team at Proactive Health Chiropractic would like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who made our one year anniversary month a success. We were able to give back to our loyal patient base and created a lot of new relationships.


Now, it's time to get back to work and make the next year even more successful and exciting! We are very grateful and humbled by the amount of patient referrals that get sent into the clinic. We cannot stress enough how much of a compliment that is. Showing someone you love the benefit of coming in and getting your body re-aligned and set 100% bio-mechanically efficient is the biggest compliment we could receive.

To give back to all the patients who do refer their friends and family in we have a referral bonus structure set up to give you bonuses for sending people in. We offer 5,10, and 15 dollar discounts for each referral and on the 4th person you send in you receive a complimentary adjustment.

Just remember that the way you are treated when you are at our office is the same way your friends and family will be treated.

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