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Chiropractic and Athletic Enhancement

How can Chiropractic increase your athletic performance?

As our summer winds down we look back at all the activities we did during the nice weather, at this point we are able to really gauge how we performed in those activities. Were you at the top of your game for those races, events, and strenuous activities? Here at Proactive Health Chiropractic, located in Liberty Lake Washington, we tend to see a large number of athletes due to the technique used here at the office. You may ask yourself, "how can chiropractic adjustments make me perform at a higher level?" Your body is a very unique and high powered machine. It was also designed to operate at a specific bio-mechanical leverage, with every muscle group, that varies from person to person. We were all made to perform with as little physical effort needed to accomplish the task, as long as our physical bio-mechanical leverage is correct, our body can function at an efficient and optimal level. What are some of the signs that your bio-mechanics are not functioning at their optimal performance. Just to name a few; early fatigue during performance, unequal gains during workouts, pain in the extremities, weakness, and overall feeling of poor performance.

How do we fix it?

Anybody who has been into Proactive Health Chiropractic you have already experienced our muscle strength testing and restoration. BUT if you have yet to feel the change for yourself or if you know a loved one who could benefit from having their reflexes and muscle firing patterns restored, Proactive Chiropractic is one of a kind when it comes to this. We use specific muscle testing for all of the joints in the extremities. When the designed leverage is off in your extremities and I ask you to perform the simple muscle test, the body will accomplish it by use of other muscles but the strength will not be there. By using the tests I am able to pinpoint the joint of dysfunction and restore its proper leverage. By giving the body its designed leverage back the next time that you are asked to perform the muscle test, it will feel much easier and much stronger. Clearly the adjustment did not make you more buff! BUT it did restore all the designed leverages and reflexes, allowing the body to be more fluid and at ease while you are performing athletically. Allowing you to reach your optimal physical performance. Make sure you’re aligned, so you give your body every chance of not suffering from any type of pain. CALL the OFFICE now at 509-922-4133 if you or someone you know could benefit from a complete body and muscle restoration. Or visit our website at and check out Dr. Nelson's training as well as learn more about what we offer the community of Liberty Lake and greater Spokane and Coeur D Alene!

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